Excess Expenses

Turning off cable isn’t an issue for us because we mostly watch tv shows on Netflix, but the decision to turn off my phone was a big one. 

I text people all the time, especially to send reminders to the kids.  “Speg for dinner if you want.”  “Garbage night.” “How’s grama doing?” That last one is to my mom.  Grama just turned the fabulous age of 80, but she doesn’t think it’s so fabulous. So you see, texting is my main form of contact with most of my family and friends.  I realized last night that I’m about to become one of the many people who live on Facebook.

The automatic sprinklers have been turned off.  The lawn will survive on its own, or not.  We’ll still water the bushes because they’re so expensive to replace, but there will be no ground cover (aside from crabgrass) or perennials this year.  This hurts.  Hubby and I are both avid gardeners.  We were half way through escrow on this house before I actually looked at the kitchen, but we sure knew what the back yard looked like!  It was a beautiful blank slate with no Home Owners Association rules.  Not being able to plant annuals and new filler bushes is going to hurt.  The chickens are going to love this summer because there is no need to keep them in their own yard.  (chickens destroy a landscape, if you didn’t know)

I’m interested to know where you have found to cut back on expenses.  What else can be done to use less water, energy, groceries…


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